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I am attempting to get over a time-wasting, embarrassing habit of adding to news-site comments. My hope is that by concentrating all my writing energies on a blog which, with luck, nobody will read, I will exhaust my sick need to inflict my opinions on random strangers.

To my readers, if any: I apologize unreservedly. I was drunk at the time.

#6:The Eleven Commandments of Roy Moore
No, seriously. Click on the link to count all eleven on his Rock.

#5: American Evangelicals in Black and White
Continuing with my efforts to be hated by Americans, I criticize their most devout Church People.

#4: It Takes a Global Village to Raise a Starship
The challenges of star travel are so large that it won't happen without the whole species working on it. For generations. Peacefully. Sorry if that ruins all your fun SF.

#3: SF That Dares Not Predict
SF writers are bold about predicting new physical sciences, but not new forms of social rules. Why is every starship on TV crewed by the British Navy?

#2: Not Paying Attention to Middle America? If Only.
Having "broken up" with America in post #1, I'm free to get on with serious "America Hating". Which this will surely be, to some people: Nobody has had more attention paid to them than America between the Coasts. The notion that they've been neglected is hilarious.

#1: Breaking Up With America
The core of this was written the day after Trump was elected and is pure angry rant - not at Trump, at the whole nation that elected him. America, I'm over you.