Diaries of Ethel Eva Brander, nee Conybeare

Volume 2

July 5, 1910 (Europe Trip, England) - November 24, 1912 (Toronto, Havergal College)

000 I'd like to add comments to many of these pages later. This one was the inside of the diary cover, seems to be the lightly-penciled itinerary. It required some enhancement to scan at all.
001 inside front cover, page
doggerel and joke about this being for the reader
1910 July 7 - 1912 November 24
002 1910 July 5
finishing description and history of things seen the "Middle Temple"
003 on to Monday morning train to Bath,
met grannie
grannie's companion "Miss Daniels" is lovely
004 description of grannies house
granddad, clearly an architect
been to India, endless Indian ornaments
very Victorian house
005 BW postcards of two views of Bath Abbey
visited area of the baths, but didn't go for a bath
006 1910 July 7
Yesterday, flower show and band concert
Today, Sunday School to watch kids not play
Evening, a cliff to watch fireworks
BW photos of granny, house
007 1910 July 9
Left Bath yesterday, arrived Teignmouth(?)
Driven to Platway (family house name)
Met Uncle Crawford, Maria, two girls Edith and Beryl, boys away
This afternoon, walk to Maidencombe with Marion, tea with Devonshire cream.
008 1910 July 14
Four quiet days, only news Aunt Amy left to help a friend having an operation.
Four BW photos of the Platway house, inside and out
009 1910 July 21
Have been killing time all week, crochet, reading
Four BW photos of family, house
such poor contrast, I didn't scan them separately.
010 Had been taken to see Exeter Cathedral
some description of same
011 1910 July 25
three BW photos, King's College, Trinity College, and "Dorothea"
Left Platway noon on July 22
Sunday, went to Abbey, choir music was lost, organist mistakes
tea with Dr. Norburn "funny little man, but nice"
012 1910 July 26
Left Bath this morning, six hour to Cambridge
Cousin Edward met us, home to meet Cousin Francis and Dorothea
saw some Cambridge after supper - Peterhouse College, smallest and oldest
013 descriptions and history of Peterhouse College buildings
Thomas Gray ("Elegy in a Churchyard") had stayed there,
014 Grey left after being pranked, transferred to Pembrooke
Saw George Washington's original family Arms, with eagle, stars, stripes.
Loved King's college chapel
015 How the stained-glass windows escaped the Puritans' Kristalmonth.
Cousin Edward Theory: that Cromwell himself saved them.
Possibly Milton convinced him.
Cousin Edward is somewhat famous around Cambridge:
016 Stories of Widows who paid for the school
017 descriptions of Trinity, given tour by alumnus Cousin Edward Conybeare, 67 at
the time, and about to become a Catholic(!)
See the story about him at the URL on previous page.
018 Tour of Clare College
019 two postcards, larger scans on next pages
019.z1 Clare College from Bridge, BW postcard
019.z2 Trinity College, Great Court, BW Postcard
020 1910 July 28
Cousin Edward Conybeare took them on a tour of the library
Story of Christ from an ancient Bible, not in other Bibles.
021 Library is example of the oppression of women (her words)
No woman allowed to read there without two male signatures
postcard of King's College Chapel.
022 refers to "real Conybeares", as in "not Mother".
Service at King's College Chapel

023 down to the river beside King's College for a boat
024 Cousin Edward rowing, EEC steering to Bridge of Sighs
two postcards (next scans)
024.z1 On the Cam, Cambridge: BW Postcard
024.z2 Cambridge, Bridge of Sighs, St. John's College, BW Postcard
025 with family to see a pageant, songs and dances and costumes
026 1910 July 31
Cousin Edward Conybeare takes them touring to Newnham and Girton
027 Sunday off, writing letters
028 1910 August 4
Invited by Havergal mistress, "Miss Orgill", who lives in Bath,
to her tennis club to view a tournament
029 had tea with family, took photographs on following scans
029.z1 larger scans of pictures of "Granny" (Anne Newport Moore)
and Mother, Ida Attwood
029.z2 blow ups of photos
Uncle Tizzy (cat) and Bladid (dog) with "Miss Daniel"
030 1910 August 6
saw tablet of a dead Conybeare, John Josia in Batheaston
1910 August 9
Left Bath
weary train journey, all had headaches by Charing Cross
031 arrive family house at West Farleigh
two women there, Olive and Cecil
played croquet the next day with family - "frightfully boring game".
pictures to follow
032 puttered about with family, seeing area, shopping
033 1910 August 10
more puttering, on train for horrid journey to London
back to Lonsdale Hotel
034 1910 August 11
shopping for basket for kitten
visited Madame Tussaud's "stodgy entertainment" but glad she went
Brought new Persian kitten
Miss Codd, Sammy's sister called
035 1910 August 12
Saw Tower of London
036 guards relived Mother of her satchel...only to protect HER from pickpockets!
awfully thrilled going through gateway
037 descriptions of Tower of London tour
038 descriptions of all weapons in the Tower
039 Beachamp Tower descriptions, soldiers being drilled
040 descriptions of prison cells
041 lunch on Oxford street
surprised at hotel(?) by Mr. and Mrs. Montgomerie, friends of Dad's
Cousin Augustus called for them
"It is too bad he is a Radical"
Went to National Liberal Club with Augustus
Evening, went to see "Our Miss Gibbs" at the Gaiety (expensive, worth it)
042 1910 August 15
stayed night at Ingateston (?) with cousin Grant Conybeare
who has a beautiful house called Delmore and a big green motor
Wife dead, daughters Penelope and Phyllis, about 20.
043 spent evening with Grant's family, quietly
next day, Sunday, Grant took them to Tilbury (20 miles)
044 from Tilbury, ferry to Gravesend, train to Dartford,
where somebody waiting to take them to Oldfield Park, Augustus' house.
had lunch, returned to London
many photos
044.z1 photo of Grant Conybeare, from side.
044.z2 photos, Caro (might be dog, might be woman holding it)
and Florence, in front of house
044.z3 very good photo of Florence (who does not appear in the text)
044.z4 Photo of Dusty (dog)
and of Augustus, across tea-table
045 1910 August 15
went to see "Priscilla Runs Away" at the Haymarket
nice play, bad lead actress
1910 August 16
Saw National Gallery
Funny seeing Reynolds and Landseer paintings they knew well from reproductions
046 descriptions of National Gallery
BW postcard of "Age of Innocence" by J. Reynolds
047 liked the Scheffer painting in the National Gallery restroom
BW Postcard of "Mrs. Siddons" by Thos. Gainsborough, R.A.
048 like Romney's "Parson's Daughter" and
"The Sleeping Bloodhound" by Landseer
BW Postcards of both
048.z1 BW Postcard, Romney, "Parson's Daughter"

048.z2 BW Postcard, Sir Edwin Landseer "The Sleeping Bloodhound"
049 old favourite seen, Edwin Landseers "Dignity and Impudence",
painting better than any copy
many Turners
BW Postcards of the Landseer and a boat,
050 Last page boat was chosen Turner, "Sun of Venice"
Many Florentine and other Italian pictures
mention of Holbein picture 'that such a fuss was made of'
BW Postcard, "The Duchess of Milan" (Holbein?)
051 more paintings, some in restroom
BW Postcard, Murillo "St. John and the Lamb"
052 like a Dutch picture of "The Holy Family" BW postcard of same
complains she hates Dutch pictures - "nasty interiors of cottages, old women"
053 exception to Dutch-hating, BW Postcard of "The Avenue, Middlehamis" by Hobbema
054 more viewing.
BW Postcard and description of Sarto, "His Own Portrait"
"I always like portraits of artists painted by themselves"

055 discussion of self-portraits
BW Postcard, and description, Sandro BOTTICELLI "The Virgin and Child"
056 lunch at an ABC shop in Picadilly, went to St. Pauls
(ABC tea shops were all over London in early 20th)
BW Postcard, St. Paul's Cathedral from across bridges
BW Postcard, St. Paul's front
056.z1 BW Postcard, very faded, St. Paul's from across two bridges
056.z2 BW Postcard, St. Paul's, faded, from front
057 discussion and BW Postcard of interior, St. Paul's
058 St. Paul's interior, has great painting (next)
059 Back to hotel off to Anglo-Japanese Exhibition
restaurant had "sloppy English girls" in kimonos
"Saw rickshaws pulled by" (n-word)s in "Jap costume"
wow, two racial slurs in one sentence, though she didn't see them as such
"glorious embroidery with glorified prices"
watched fireworks
060 1910 August 17
Shopping all day at Harrod's
"nothing one cannot get, from automobile tires to confectionery"
1910 August 25
On 18th went to Tate Gallery, loved it.
061 history of Tate
funny seeing pictures you've known all your life from magazines
BW Postcard of "Renunciation" by Philip Calderon
062 amused by how many ladies paused by the last painting
BW Postcard, "The Vigil"
063 Admiration for George Clauseuis "Girl at the Gate"
Postcard of George Clauseuis "Girl at the Gate"
064 could not get copy of "Annunciation" in octagonal room at the end
065 liked "My Lady's Garden"
like two small paintings "Hush" and "Hushed"
BW Postcard, "Alleluia" by T.C. Gotch.
066 description and copy of "Love Locked Out" Anna Lea Merritt
067 descriptions and copy of "The Lady of Shallot" by J.W. Water
Has marginalia, blow-up on next scan.
067.z1 Jan 6, 1911 (six months later) marginalia
realized picture she described "is not in the Tate, but in Leeds"
067.z2 BW Postcard, painting "The Lady of Shallot"
068 two Waterhousen pictures described, copies pasted in
068.z1 BW Postcard, "The Lady of Shallot" in a boat with candles
068.z2 BW Postcard, "The Magic Circle", Waterhousen
069 three paintings, Bume-James and Landseer
069.z1 BW Postcard, painting, Bume-Jones, King Cophet and the Beggar Maid
069.z2 BW Postcard, 2 paintings in one frame, Landseer, "High Life" and "Low Life".
070 hated Millais pictures especially Order of Release and Autumn Leaves
Liked The Knight Errant, has postcard
071 more Tate description
Admired Sir Walter Raleigh, pasted in copy
072 two more paintings, by Rossetti described and copies pasted
072.z1 BW Postcard, painting, Rossetti, "Ecce ancille Domini"
072.z2 BW postcard, painting, Rossetti, "Beata Beatris"
073 Tate: whole room of Watt's pictures, liked Watts best of all modern painters
no copies due to copyright
074 Empire Theatre in evening (of 18th?)
mostly vaudeville and not very good
"a great many of the kind of girls we saw in Theatre Mangny in Paris"
on Friday 19th, tea at Holboon restaurant with cousin Fred (photo)
who had come down from Oxford.
Evening, visit by Ellie Conybeare, who has been a nun, with kitten
"Ellie is not awfully exciting but the kitten is a love"
075 still writing on 25th, presumably,
On Saturday morning, the 20th, packed, train, London to Liverpool
"When the passenger list was given us we discovered (Evelyn Henderson) an old "Havergalian". And Elsie Watts and Miss Scruby
amazing that they handed around the passenger list...
076 later on 20th, boat left, spent 21st in bunk, 22nd not so bad.
Colour Postcard of S.S. Laurentic
077 1910 August 27
Reached Quebec today
drove up to Chateau Frontenac in "caleche"
We are steaming down the St. Lawrence now
078 1910 September 3rd - written in Toronto
Reached Montreal on 28th August
Stayed at the Windsor
Saw "Pixie" at Hospital
Dinner with "Mr. Martin" and once-Mrs-Vibert, now Miss Martin again.
On Monday 29th August, lunch with Pixie at "Castle Blener place"
Dominion Park for afternoon
079 (still written Sept 3, Toronto)
One August 30th, took train to Toronto
Reached Bentley's interviewed Miss Denzil at Conservatory Residence
(brother) Bruce arrived
Moved her trunks to "Z ord"(??) street
Had first lessons on Sept 2nd - singing (good), piano, badly
080 (still written Sept 3, Toronto)
Picture of large house - probably where she was staying(?)
singing teacher, Miss Scruby. Piano, Mr. Welsman
Tea with Miss Turner after bad lesson.
(basically had six months off for Europe, since March 17)
083 1910 Sept 6
Clara Woodson
Bessie, Hubert
Mr. Welsman now Dr. Welsman

084 1910 Sept 6
Only practised 2.5 hours - disgraceful
Princess Theatre to see Mabel Taliaferro in "My Man"
with family and Helen Newburn
sent off Victoria and Fitzpatrick family at station
skipped practising to see Marcia (Turner?) at Bleeker St.
085 1910 Sept 18
Singing lesson 15th
whole day, just practice and a walk
lecture on "musical form", plus Dr. Welsman, Bach fugue
mother and Elaine gone on 10:10 train 16th
086 1910 Sept 18
hassles with trains, Mr. Wertheim,
17th dentist
18th church with Goulding

087 1910 Sept 22
Massey Hall on 21st was to see Melba sing,
great voice, (but not enough 'art' for Ethel, "cheap vaudeville sentiment")
male singer John "Tenmone" I think was great.
088 1910 Sept 22
Massey Hall on 21st was to see Melba sing,
great voice, (but not enough 'art' for Ethel, "cheap vaudeville sentiment")
male singer John "Tenmone" I think was great.
089 1910 Sept 22
Massey Hall on 21st had Ada Sassoli on harp
22, tea with Miss Gordon
1910 Sept 28 - routine; had gone to Shea's with Bruce on 24th
090 1910 Oct 2
Saw Forbes Robertson in "Passing of the Third Floor Back" with Turner, Scruby, Helen Newburn
Funny to think play is by Jerome K. Jerome, of "Three Men in a Boat", a
comedy, and this is about redemption.
091 1910 Oct 9
First symphony concert, Madame Gadski soloist - not the voice of Melba,
but far more art.
092 1910 Oct 9
More praise for Mme. Gadski, quotes in German.
093 1910 Oct 9
Still More praise for Mme. Gadski,more quotes in German.
Edwin Schneider, on piano
Mr. Welsman a wonderful conductor, I "liked him better"
(realized she's getting piano lessons from the TSO conductor. wow.)
094 1910 Oct 9
Yesterday (8th, Thursday) walk in the fall woods
Pictures on page: Miss Turner, Louise Murray, Florence Spenser, Retta Hurry
(presumably Ethel took the pictures, not in them.)
095 1910 Oct 13
Hazing of new girls, including her, nothing that hurt, which was new.
Telegram from Dad, arriving at 3PM, unexpected.
096 1910 Oct 13
admonished Bruce for swearing "Dear Lord"
Met Dad, went to "the Queens" and shopping at Eaton's for wallpaper
Went to "Midnight Sons" at the Royal Alexandria - song medley
1910 Oct 16
Dad went home last night, didn't see him during days, dinner at "the Queens".
(presumably hotel. Note Dad was 4 days on train, 2 days in town, 4 days on train...)
097 1910 Oct 16
On 14th, Friday, went to Liza Lehman recital her own compositions
Appeared at 9pm in travelling clothes, train accident
too much music from Rubaiyat
098 1910 Oct 16
Herbert Eisdell, Miss Palgrave, soloists, not great
099 1910 Oct 16
More panning of singing, Julien Henry, the bass.
100 1910 Oct 16
More review of (15th) first "Popular" Concert of Toronto Symphony Orchestra
1910 Oct 23
On Thursday, Oct 20, went to see Russian Dancers, Anna Pavlova and Mikail Mordkin at Massey Hall.
Had seen Russian Imperian Ballet in London at Hippodrome
(page has pictures of Pavlova and Mordkin)

101 1910 Oct 23
More Oct 20 visit to Russian dancers, two more pictures of Mordkin and Pavlova
review of dances.
102 1910 Oct 23
Oct 21, Florence and I visit Miss Turner, didn't know a single man in room.
(No mention in this diary of searching for a man at all)
1910 November 4
Thanksgiving was at Peterborough with Mona and Fred
Many parties, teas, races, dances, off on Tuesday after dance night before

103 1910 Oct 23
Oct 21, Florence and I visit Miss Turner, didn't know a single man in room.
(No mention in this diary of searching for a man at all)
1910 November 4
Thanksgiving was at Peterborough with Mona and Fred
Many parties, teas, races, dances, off on Tuesday after dance night before

104 1910 November 17
On Wed, Nov 9, TSO 2nd concert, Josef Hofman, soloist Haydn's "Surprise"

105 1910 November 24
Sat Nov 19th, another TSO "Pops" at Massey Hall, Welsman, Conductor
good review

106 1910 November 24
Sat Nov 19th, another TSO "Pops" at Massey Hall, Welsman, Conductor
more review; has programme pasted in.

107 1910 December 4
Saturday Nov 26 saw Sara Bernhardt at Princess Theatre
Amazed by youthful appearance at 67
Play, "Le Proces de Jeanne D'Arc" in French, and Ethel's not great
has picture of Bernhardt
107.z 1910 December 4
picture of Sara Bernhardt
108 1910 December 4
Thursday December 1, saw Alessandro Bonci, "greatest living tenor"

108.z Alessandro Bonci, "greatest living tenor"

109 1910 December 17
December 8, Symphony, Massey Hall, Beethoven's "Eroica", glorious.
December 10, Maude Adams (?) "What Every Woman Knows". Good.

110 1910 December 17
more reviews of classical music
Now bound for the west with Varsity boys(?)

111 1911 January 6
Arrived on 19th of December, all holiday time and gay
Christmas day started with Church at 7 AM.
Parcels on breakfast table; 8 guests at Christmas Dinner

112 1911 January 6
Stayed up to 2AM Xmas day
Elaine's "Coming Out" Dance was Tuesday, December 27, 1910
five society ladies did meals or "a euchre" for her and she
was in all the society columns. (Of Lethbridge, 1911. Pop 9,242)

113 1911 January 6
Stayed in Lethbridge getting X-rayed for pains in her hip
1911 January 20
In bed since January 9, for six weeks, bed in drawing room
114 1911 February 20
Just out of bed for six weeks
Mother in Banff at baths
115 1911 March 23
Lazed around until a week ago, X-ray cleared her to Toronto at Easter
First golf lesson
116 1911 April 15
Left for Toronto on April 10 with Elaine
Dad joined as far as Winnipeg
Arrived Toronto Thursday April 13
Met by Bruce and Florence
"Chocolate Soldier" at Shea's
116.z1 1911 April 15
Presumably the (in)famous "Chow Dogs" at Riverview, of Charles
116.z2 1911 April 15
Presumably family playing in Lethbridge, clearly not in January
117 1911 April 21
Settled, went to last TSO concert of season, Louise Home, contralto
118 1911 April 27
Heard Mary Garden on April 26, great voice
Page has picture of Mary Garden from programme
119 1911 June 4
Hard at work, theory exams, catching up
120 1911 June 4
Hard at work, theory exams, catching up
120.z 1911 June 4
Presumably picture of Havergal College students
121 1911 June 4
Unconfident in recital
Conservatory closing concert at Massey Hall May 30

122 1911 June 4
Conservatory closing concert at Massey Hall May 30
Some good, some bad.
123 1911 June 4
Conservatory closing concert at Massey Hall May 30
1Bad reviews of the bad amateur bits.
124 1911 June 4
Friday, June 2 concert at Upper Canada, good
Thursday recital at Havergal - success
Today, church at 8am walk in woods, tea.
125 1911 July 14
Busy all month on exams
"Coverley" (dictionary says "country dance"), and exams, both started June 15
Had History exam - not just learning music got a 90
Also 84 in "Counterpoint" and 76 in "Harmony".
"Coverley" involved sharing rooms
126 1911 July 14
tal at Havergal - success
Today, church at 8am walk in woods, tea.
127 1911 July 14
Coverley continued for a day of two of feasts and plays
And sermons.
128 1911 July 14
Elaine and Bruce left after Coverley
Various goodbyes as people leave for summer
129 1911 July 14
Train to Owen Sound, long car journey to "Harry's" summer cabin,
four days.
Left Toronto on July 4, left various companions at Brandon and Winnipeg

130 1911 July 14
Arrived Lethbridge on July 8
Have 8 new pups born June 4
"This Afternoon I saw my first aeroplane flight"
Eugene Ely gave an exhibition.
Parents opposed her going up, had to watch from ground
page has pictures of family, dogs

130.z1 Not known. Might be Ethel, but really doesn't look like her.
130.z2 1911 July 14
Family members, friends, holding new Conybeare pups
Person on right appears to be Ethel
131 1911 September 1
On train reaches Toronto September 2
Dad came for General Synod
Last weeks in Lethbridge all parties and
Mother's fussy lawn fete for the Flower Guild
"Whole train full of sky pilots" - she means religious..
132 1911 September 20
Was with her Father through the Synod, not working
September 19 saw "Rebellion", Gertrude Elliot, play about divorce, thrilling
Betty Tamblyn, Minnie Mooney, Sophie Head, May Ferland, Mabel McIvor attended
133 1911 September 20
home up Yonge street (others "took the car" )
1911 September 29
Vocal lessons
Massey Hall start of season
134 1911 September 29
review of "de Pachmann" and picture of him, playing Chopin
135 1911 September 29
details of "de Pachmann" playing Chopin, Massey Hall
136 1911 September 29
more "de Pachmann" playing Chopin, Massey Hall
did one piece with left-hand only as a stunt
137 1911 September 29
hazing of new girls at Havergal - sketches, dinner, stunts, barely a prank.
138 1911 October 4
On 30th, first time at races, lost $1.50
fascinated with people, ladies dressed up
139 1911 October 4
Races; also enjoyed "Roy's Car" and the ride both ways
The "Rouge" - a music hall?
140 1911 October 4
On Monday October 2, saw first grand opera at Royal Alexandra.
Not the best acting, not the best singing, but overall best entertainment
October 3, final symphony
141 1911 October 4
October 3 symphony had Alma Gluck assisting, picture pasted in.
142 1911 October 24
October 18 to Lucia di Lammermoor at Royal Alexandra
Ridiculous, with one good song
October 19, saw "Martha", liked it
October 20, dance at residence, asked "Roy"
October 21, Tales of Hoffman at Royal Alexandra with Bruce

143 1911 October 24
October 18 was also second concert of TSO, Kathleen Parlow assisting
Picture of Kathleen Parlow
144 1911 October 24
Letter from Dad, Mother in Spokane, friend Sidney Beatty had a daughter.
145 1911 November 5
October 28 went to London, ON, for Thanksgiving with Grace Turnbull family
Became godmother to Margaret Irvine Dinning, baptized October 30
visiting friends - Dorothy Reid, other "Havergalians"

146 1911 November 5
Saw Grace George in "Just Married" October 31
November 1 another TSO concert, soloist Gadski - picture pasted in

147 1911 November 5
Hour lesson with Welsman at his house, nicer than Conservatory
gossip about Mr. Welsman

148 1911 November 16
November 8 caught Toronto String Quartet
149 1911 November 16
November 15, Symphony Concert with Russian violinist, Efrem Zimbalist

149.z 1911 November 16
Efrem Zimbalist the "Young Russian Violinist".

150 1911 November 16
Fan of Efrem Zimbalist, "unostentatious, did not play to gallery like Mischa Elman"
1911 December 3
Mrs. Welsman died suddenly

151 1911 December 17
December 13, TSO with Friedheim as soloist. She got bored with Liszt.
TSO played Beethoven's Fifth, glorious.

152 1911 December 17
Dated Roy twice, dance and to Shea's
Kitchen party last night - made candy, played hide and seek and
"puss-in-the-corner" (?), a "high old time".
153 1911 December 27
To home with Bruce on December 19
Roy brought "motor" aind 12 crowded into it to see her off
Trip home interesting with crowd of school kids
Arrived Lethbridge December 22
Xmas Eve party of 15
Then the wails came and sang (short for "wassails"?)
154 1911 December 27
Xmas was supper for 14, all family, friends
boys played imaginary games of football and rugby
155 1911 December 27
First toboggan ride
Helping train kids for dance and song with Mother and Elaine
156 1912 January 16
Left Lethbridge January 2, working hard, put off "Senior Piano" to June
January 10, TSO night, symphonies, glorious

157 1912 January 16
TSO numbers often had to be repeated if popular (no recordings at home...)
Soloist Eva Mylott...bad review
Saturday January 13, tool Philip Welsman and Ian to Royal Alexandra for "Blue Bird"

158 1912 January 16
Blue Bird, play with kids, well-reviewed, going again
1912 January 17
Toronto String Quartet, second concert, better than first
Liked Russell McLean singing

159 1912 January 16
Toronto String quartet good review

160 1912 January 29
1912 January 18 was National Chorus Concert, not that impressed
161 1912 January 29
1912 January 18, National Chorus Concert, Russell McLean sang again
really likes him

162 1912 January 29
Duplicate of page 160, oops.
163 1912 January 29
Still reviewing January 18 National Chorus, "better than expected, too long"

164 1912 January 29
Wednesday, January 24, Symphony Orchestra Night.
Assisting artist, Leo Slezak, a Russian tenor

165 1912 January 29
Wednesday, January 24, Symphony Orchestra Night.
Leo Slezak well-reviewed, includes picture of him
Huge guy, Welsman looksl like 'young toothpick' beside him

166 1912 January 29
January 26, took Betty to Royal Alexandra for Gertrude Hoffman and the
Russian ballet.

167 1912 January 29
Gertrude Hoffman not impressive. Bored with vaudeville between acts.
Considered plays risque - one in Turkish Harem, another about infatuation.
Skating a lot.
168 1912 February 11
Three Mendelssohn Choir concerts.
February 5, Theodore Thomas Orchestra, liked them.
169 1912 February 11
February 5, Theodore Thomas Orchestra, long review.
Picture of Dr. A.S. Vogt
169.z 1912 February 11
February 5, Theodore Thomas Orchestra, long review.
Picture of Dr. A.S. Vogt
170 1912 February 11
Theodore Thomas Orchestra had Mr. Frederick Stock as conductor, picture of him

170.z 1912 February 11
Picture of Mr. Frederick Stock
171 1912 February 11
February 6 "New Life" of Wolf-Ferrari performed, much description and review
172 1912 February 11
February 6 "New Life" of Wolf-Ferrari performed, much description and review
Music OK, bored with lyrics
173 1912 February 11
February 7 was Verdi's Requiem Mass, 4 soloists
Miss Hinkle, Miss Christine Miller, Mr. Whitehall, Mr. George Hamelin
February 8 matinee of Theodore Thomas Orchestra, soloist "Lhevinne" (?)
I hope I'm just misreading her handwriting, but I think she describes him
as "Jewy looking"...but a "fine pianist"
174 1912 February 11
Review of "Lhevinne" and picture of him, too dark.
174.z 1912 February 11
Picture of Lhevinne (sp?) pianist

175 1912 February 11
Lhevinne at Massey Hall review continues
Friday February 9, formal dance
176 1912 February 11
Friday February 9, formal dance
Roy came late, 'The wretch'.
Saturday February 10, "young musical night" with Miss Shepherd, everybody played.
177 1912 February 19
Orgy of Opera, Montreal Opera Company, the only Canadian opera
Five Operas in a week, liked Madame Butterfly the best
178 1912 February 19
Opera reviews
179 1912 February 19
Mme Pasquale, soloist with Schubert Choir, sang for Women's Musical Club
Henry Scotti also sang

180 1912 February 22
Welsman provided 4 free tickets to TSO, and "Tonty, Dicky", Flora Palton went to Massey Hall with her. Joint with Schubert Choir.

181 1912 February 22
Good review. February 21 was another TSO, Rubelic as soloist,
huge audience reaction
182 1912 February 22
Audience wouldn't let orchestra play until Rubelik left for train

183 1912 February 22
Also liked Rubelik, a lot - picturesque, "artistic abandon".

184 1912 March 17
Latest concert, March 6
Wilhelm Bachaus, piano soloist
Notes diaries two years old today.

185 1912 March 25
March 20 grand auction at Havergal, then Music Hall for TSQ.
186 1912 March 25
March 21 Elgar Choir from Hamilton
Bruce Carey, conductor
187 1912 March 25
duplicate of scan 185
188 1912 March 25
duplicate of scan 186
189 1912 March 25
Hamilton Choir was good, TSO assisted well, poor house
190 1912 March 25
March 22, song recital, Music Hall, Kathleen Howard, great reaction
1912 April 14
April 3, did well at recital
April 4, to Owen Sound, Easter with Retta
191 1912 April 14
Drove to Ingles Falls (Tngles?)
April 10, back to Toronto
192 1912 April 14
Straight from April 10 train to TSO
picture of soloist
192.z 1912 April 14
Picture of April 10 soloist with TSO, name not given
193 1912 May 2
April 25, Mother arrived and
London Symphony Orchestra under Arthur Nikisch, foremost conductor of the day
194 1912 May 2
More about London Symphony performance April 25
picture of Arthur Nikisch
194.z 1912 May 2
picture of Arthur Nikisch
195 1912 May 2
Conservatory closing concert
196 1912 May 2
Conservatory closing concert
197 1912 May 2
more Conservatory closing concert
198 1912 May 2
more Conservatory closing concert
199 1912 May 2
more concert.
May 24th(?) outing with Mother
May 29th(?) Mother went home, Bruce in hospital
200 1912 May 2
more concert.
May 24th(?) outing with Mother
May 29th(?) Mother went home, Bruce in hospital
200.z 1912 July 4
BW postcard of Horseshoe Falls from Goat Island
201 1912 July 4
slept three in a bed, home on train
201.z 1912 July 4
BW postcard of American Falls
202 1912 July 4
Left Toronto on 29th of June, stopped at Barrie to visit
203 1912 July 4
Another visit at St. Elmo with Retta, summer cottage
Rich cottage, view of Lake Muskoka
Some days there, just vacationing
204 1912 July 4
Picture of "Camping Party"
Betty Tamblyn, Retta Henry, Nelly Buncombe, Evelyn Whiteside, Margaret Bird,
Cassie Bird, May, Dickie Bird
204.z 1912 July 4
Picture of "Camping Party"
Betty Tamblyn, Retta Henry, Nelly Buncombe, Evelyn Whiteside, Margaret Bird,
Cassie Bird, May, Dickie Bird
205 1912 July 4
3 Pictures of "Camping Party"
Two girls in each
205.z1 1912 July 4
Picture 1 of two girls in Camping party neither is Ethel.
205.z2 1912 July 4
Picture 2 of two girls in Camping party neither is Ethel.
205.z3 1912 July 4
Picture 3 of two girls in Camping party neither is Ethel.
206 1912 July 13
On July 10, went to Mr. Welsman's Island on Lake Joseph
207 1912 July 13
On July 10, went to Mr. Welsman's Island on Lake Joseph
swimming, rowing with his kids
two pictures of boating with kids - second picture has Dr. Welsman
208 Three pictures of visit to Dr. Welsman's Island
208.z1 Picture 1 of visit to Dr. Welsman's Island, launch full
of ladies and one man in Edwardian finery
208.z2 Picture 2 of visit to Dr. Welsman's Island
Six young women in heavy swim costumes, at pier
208.z3 Picture 3 of visit to Dr. Welsman's Island
Three young women in heavy swim costumes, at beach
209 1912 July 19
Had to repeat journey, looking for lost suitcase
210 1912 July 19
Vacation continues
211 1912 July 19
Vacation continues, back to Toronto, suitcase was found
212 1912 July 19
Arr Toronto late, all stayed at Queen's
none had been to a hotel alone before, "I had to be the man,and register"
Ethel paid bill, went shopping
Off to Owen Sound again
213 1912 July 28
Owen Sound place called "Idylease" (probably named house or cabin)
walked to Indian Falls
outings with Gordon's car and Russ Wilson's launch.
214 1912 July 28
Owen Sound place called "Idylease" (probably named house or cabin)
walked to Indian Falls
outings with Gordon's car and Russ Wilson's launch.
215 1912 July 28
Complications from batteries dead; phoned for a tow
216 1912 July 28
Vacation. Swimming, Tennis
217 1912 July 28
Four pictures of fun at cabin: car, barbeque
217.z1 1912 July 28
Picture of young girl with doll, neatly cut from photo
217.z2 1912 July 28
Picture of young woman barbequing, man with axe, car in background
217.z3 1912 July 28
Picture of 5 young women in car, one man (Gordon, presumably)
217.z4 Picture of woman with young child near a cabin.
219 1912 August 10
Vacationing at lake, near Ft. Stanley
Excitement was "Irishman's Picnic" races, baseball, shows, dances.
220 1912 August 22
Back in Toronto, left Port Stanley on 20th.
Looking for flats and furniture
with Norman Hurry often.
Exhibition starts in a few days, last saw in 1905.
221 1912 September 3
Back to work
Went out with Sidney, Bob and her godchild to Exhibition, theatres
Exhibition: ping pongs, hot dogs on Midway
Row of pictures at top: a vending machine?
221.z 1912 September 3
Strip of pictures, as if from photo booth: Ethel in first, second, last one
222 1912 September 23
Suite 6, College Apartments, proud of her own 2-bedroom suite
Living with Bruce attending Meisterschaft School
their own piano
223 1912 October 26
Working at lessons.
Pink Lady with Roy
October 17, TSO, Louise Homer assisting artist

224 1912 October 26
Concerts, visits
225 1912 October 26
Now on train for Peterborough for Thanksgiving
226 1912 November 24
TSO concert on November 14, Alma Gluck, soloist

227 1912 November 24
Concerts, play
Ethel has joined St. Thomas' Choir
228 1912 November 24
Concerts, play
Ethel has joined St. Thomas' Choir
228.z1 Picture of fellow student, no name, "Gibson Girl" hairdo
228.z2 Picture of fellow student, Nell Matthews
228.z3 Picture of fellow student, Noll Green (sp?)
228.z4 Picture of fellow student, Ethel Arthur (sp?)
228.z5 Picture of fellow student in robe and mortarboard, Danielda Foreman
228.z6 Picture of fellow student Nelles Duncombe
229 Picture of fellow student or may be Ethel, but I don't think so. No name.
229.z Picture of fellow student or may be Ethel, but I don't think so. No name.