Concordance of mentions of: "Tou-tou"

A close friend during her time at Sutton Veny in 1916, Eileen Horsman is only mentioned once by that name, always as "Tou-tou".

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Vol 6 Scan 008Note: "Tou-tou" means "Elaine Horsman"

Vol 6 Scan 009Tou-tou (Elaine Horsman) writing fiance in the trenches named Paddy.

Vol 6 Scan 014them any time. Sorry to leave young lady "Tou Tou", tucked her into bed at 1,

Vol 6 Scan 015Miss La Terrere, Me, Tou-Tou, Sister, Miss Harngau, Nickie.

Vol 6 Scan 065Friend Tou-Tou [Elaine Horsman, engaged to "Paddy", scan 009] to be married in August. Will save up days-off to go.

Vol 6 Scan 081Sad for Tou-Tou as Paddy was killed, was to have

Vol 6 Scan 130Met Tou-tou, joined "Twin" and a "wounded South African friend" at Selfridges

Vol 6 Scan 130later. Met Alastair at 6:30 at Regent's Palace. Tou-tou is working at

Vol 6 Scan 134PS expresses hope for "Oly", but has little "and Tou-tou has never heard