Major Ross was one of the very-badly-spent lives in World War One. As detailed on his page at The Kenora Great War project, Ross was beginning what would have been a stellar career in the Canadian Army if he'd lived. He went straight to the Army in 1913, was finishing his officer's training when war broke out, and became the second-youngest Major in the Empire, at 22. In charge of 200 men of the 24th Battalion, the Victoria Rifles, he died along with 196 others in a single disasterous charge.

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Ethel mentions him often, he was almost a boyfriend, they met whenever he had leave. They'd been friends back in Lethbridge in Volume 3, there are pictures of him at home in 1913. (First links, below)

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Vol 3 Scan 098Glorious visit to Ross Ranche with "Oley." and "a certain Eric Ings"

Vol 3 Scan 098"Oley", or "Oly", later Major Jack Ross,

Vol 3 Scan 116Ross Lethbridge

Vol 3 Scan 116Oley Ross

Vol 4 Scan 092while studying. Was sent by Devonshire House to Mrs. Ross, Hon. Sec. of

Vol 4 Scan 093PS: You aren't getting any more of Oly's

Vol 4 Scan 093[Refers to scan 097 - "Major Jack Ross Writes from the Trenches" in the Lethbridge Herald -dated October 30, 1915.]

Vol 4 Scan 097pasted-in story from Lethbridge Herald, "Major Jack Ross Writes From the Trenches".

Vol 5 Scan 014"Walter Ross asked me how I learned to talk English"

Vol 5 Scan 014[Name of father of Jack Ross ]

Vol 5 Scan 016Oly leaving for front again, won't be in trenches until 10th.

Vol 5 Scan 068"A nice letter from Oly yesterday - his battalion has changed its frontage...

Vol 5 Scan 069Oly inspects his men and reads by his fire in bedroom slippers all day.

Vol 5 Scan 099This one is from J.A. Ross, 2/3/16. (He was well.)

Vol 5 Scan 109Hope to "go on spree together" with Oly, coming for his second leave.

Vol 5 Scan 122Hopes Oly will finally appear on leave.

Vol 6 Scan 023Have not heard from Barney for a long time, Oly hasn't had his leave yet

Vol 6 Scan 065Hopes Oly can come, too.

Vol 6 Scan 086Now have single rooms, no more room-mate. Letter from Oly promising to come visit if he gets leave.

Vol 6 Scan 087"That rotter Oly has a D.S.O. and has not told me.

Vol 6 Scan 087Discussion of Ross or others ("George" and "Edna Ault's brother Wellington")

Vol 6 Scan 100"Oly's parcel arrived, so I sent it off to Major J.A. Ross D.S.O., together

Vol 6 Scan 100[This is just 16 days before Major Ross's death at the Somme (Courcelette),

Vol 6 Scan 124[NB: Major Jack Ross was 18 days dead at this point, and she hadn't been

Vol 6 Scan 128Has heard about Oly - Major John Alexander Ross, missing since Sept 17 1916,

Vol 6 Scan 134PS expresses hope for Oly, but has little "and Tou-tou has never heard

Vol 6 Scan 159"Bruce thinks he's found Oly. He saw the arm of what was evidently a British

Vol 6 Scan 160story of "Finding Oly. Continues:

Vol 6 Scan 16024th (Oly's Battalion) was there at the time.

Vol 6 Scan 160the the Jack Ross links page of the diary website.]