Diaries of Ethel Ellen Brander, nee Conybeare Volume 3, Scan: 0045

Keywords and Quotes

1913 July 4
Year over, she got honors in two subjects, can now put "FTCM" after her name.
(Guessing "Fellow, Toronto Conservatory of Music") Sorry Dr. Anger did not live to see it. I think the "Dr. Fisher", dying on previous page, was actually Dr. Anger. (Does that indicate some Freudian slip about her brother in law, Mr. Fisher? It's weird coming across little "mysteries" about a family so long dead.)
June 20, went iwth Josephine Doheny to Niagara, did all the tourist stuff including oilskins and flannel to go out on a boat.
Picture of three people in oilskins, presumably them.