Diaries of Ethel Ellen Brander, nee Conybeare Volume 3, Scan: 0116

Keywords and Quotes

1914 October 25
(transcribing full page, one which the names continue).
Frank Galliher (killed)
Freddy Woods
Bruce David D.C.U.
Fred MacBeth (killed)
Fernley Smith
Dr. Nicolai (Belgian)
Roland Roberts
Percy Belcher (wounded in lungs)
Ross Lethbridge
J.R. Anderson
Eric Ings
Oley Ross
Pat McLelland
A.N. McClinton
L.B. Mason (crossed out)
Clair Erwin
Dr. Bapty (seriously Wounded)
Clarence Rogers
Billy Richardson
Aubrey Jones
Lieut. Fennell
Capt. Biggs
Capt. Beatty
C.S. Pingle
Col. Whittaker
Lieut. Brick
Barney Barnum
Lieut Wills
Harold Higinbotham
Gordon Travis (killed in action)
Hastings Mewburn
Dr. Stewart
L.S. Ripley
Dick Coatsworth
Serg. Smart
Sidney Robson
Harry Lilburn (killed in action)
Arnold Whitmore
Will Bastedo