Diaries of Ethel Ellen Brander, nee Conybeare Volume 3, Scan: 0139

Keywords and Quotes

1915 August 21 - on paper pasted into book
Fascinating old-style usage of the term "Making love". She "allows herself to be picked up" by one Paul Fleming, a man who turns out to know her from dances at Havergal. Glad it was for short train journey, not ocean voyage, as he "Makes love very violently and while it was amusing for a little while, it wouldn't be fun for very long."
Clearly means "hitting on her" and obviously, rather than easily-ignored. Interesting how blase' she is about it, when the diaries have never mentioned a boyfriend. (My wife notes that Ethel's mother read this "diary" and it will be quite bowdlerized of her real romantic life.)

1915 August 26
Stopped at Hamilton now. Reached Toronto August 22nd.