The Galt Archives page on Letitia Attwood is the source, this is just a cached copy in case a future Alberta Goverment loves budget cuts even more than past ones.

Portrait of Mrs. Letitia Ida Atwood Conybeare. Miss Letitia Ida Atwood married Dr. Charles Frederick Pringle Conybeare on June 4th 1890. They had a son named Bruce two daughters Ethel Brander and Maud Elaine Fisher. In 1912 Mrs. Conybeare organized the Sunbeam Club. They presented plays and gave the money to a good cause. The group grew and the accumulated funds were about $600. It was given to I.O.D.E to establish the children’s ward in the Galt Hospital which eventually was named the Sunbeam Ward.

Notes:The portrait is part of 24 portraits of the Pemmican Club Old Timers on an oversized matt.