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SeeSnake run just north of the Multiple Time Clusters

What's going on there? This map zooms out a bit, you can still see the last main at the bottom of this slide, but just four blocks north is a PICA SeeSnake run on a very similar 1920s Cast Iron main. If you'll recall, the two parallel black lines are far apart in the yellow stripe if the wall thickness is good, and it mostly is on this pipe. The problem that made us immediately replace this one with PVC is all those red dots -every one a pit with under 20% wall thickness left, basically holes waiting to pop. There were 102 of them waiting to go, spread all along the main. Because of inspection, we replaced it at four breaks, because another 20 were not preventable with anodes.

But notice how much plan yellow there is, as well - a lot of good pipe was thrown out with the bad. If even half those red dots had been green or even orange, we might have tried to save it.

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