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Cluster in Time, Spread in Space, on YDI

I just want to throw in something for the sake of advertising anodes again. It really shook me to learn recently that Winnipeg, with some of the blackest soil and worst corrosion in the nation, doesn't use them. For me, that's like learning their hospitals have no MRI machines. One of the reasons we know anodes work in Calgary is that YDI stuff. Here are two mid-1970s YDI mains that simply exploded with breaks in 1985, about ten years after they went in. It was clear their anodes had either been mis-installed or the connections broke. So we applied anodes at once and you see no late 80's or any 1990s breaks. Then the first few appeared again in 2004, when those 1985 anodes hit 20 years old. We put on more and the breaks stopped again. What's surprising is how quickly it works.

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