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The only think more depressing than hearing that Winnipeg wasn't using anodes was a comment made by a construction guy in Los Angeles this year; he said he wasn't sure why they were doing all this inspection since "We gotta replace all the ol' leaky pipes anyway". Buddy, the industry loses over 10% of the water per year; they are ALL "old leaky pipes" and you can only replace 1% a year - the question is which 1%. The power law tells us that there's a lot more pipe that we can delay the replacement of with anodes, liners, and short cut-in replacements during repairs, than pipe we have to replace. And just delaying replacement is the whole victory of asset management - nothing lasts forever, but just like human beings, we'd like them to last as long as possible. It would be criminal for a doctor to write you off when you're just a little bit sick, and today, it's just as criminal for an engineer to give up on infrastructure when new technologies have given us so many cheaper options. Use them, or! Thanks.

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