Evangelicals or Evil Angelicals? It's All Their Fault

American elections are so closely-run that you can accuse anybody of being the cause of a loss, I suppose. (When Ralph Nader siphoned away votes from Al Gore and was blamed for Bush, it was retorted that Florida was so close, the American Communist Party *also* cost Gore the Presidency...)

But I really do feel like American Evangelicals have cost America various liberal gains that other nations have had for the last 37 years. There are enough of them to control what kind of man gets the Presidential nomination, and whether he can win; they control enough of the Senate and House to flip it either way.

And in 1980, a Southern Baptist Sunday School Teacher, and a Hollywood actor on his second wife, faced off for the Presidency. The Democratic party had seen only 4 years in power after the crimes and disgraces of Watergate, something that would cause most countries to throw a party out of power for a generation until its old guard had retired and been replaced by "post-Watergate-morals" candidates.

The Sunday School Teacher was met with laughter and derision when he emitted one of the first Christian dog-whistle remarks, about "lusting after women in his heart". This is not familiar to the irreligious, but Bible-study graduates all know its from a specific verse that says it's as bad as adultery itself. This is NOT meant to excuse it as something everybody does, but to allow forgiveness for it from those who reprove the sinner, but forgive the offender - because we all know we could have done the same, had our lives not had good examples and help.

That was the year the Evangelicals flipped from D to R and have only hardened their position since, consistently voting for the most extreme conservatives.

The actor ran on an inherently anti-Christian platform: more military spending because there might be a "bear in the forest" (there wasn't) and less spending on the unfortunate.

They have stood by their right-wing heroes through war and torture. In that war, many thousands of young girls were raped. Hundreds of thousands suffered lesser mistreatments. Support never wavered.

This is nothing by comparison.

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