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Your complete news source for Sid Brander, the little tiger. Sid was probably born about 2004, and was given April 29, 2016 as his 12th birthday, the day we adopted him from BCSPCA. He had a heart murmur, and incipient kidney disease, and nobody wanted the old cat with the scratched-up left eyeball, even though his Bengal coat colours were so adorable.

We saw him through 3.5 years of increasingly close care, as he needed more heart and kidney drugs in his morning food to keep going, and even after he amazingly survived a 12-metre fall from our roof to the garden below in 2018.

He finally passed after a year of 7x24 TLC from mother-in-law Dora, in Calgary, as his appetite dropped and he weakened. But we gladly (and expensively) kept him going with many vet visits, for truly he had the most smarts, courage, and curiosity of any cat we'd ever seen. Below are the last postings I did for friends that followed Sid's many adventures around our neighbourhood.

This page was popular with the Barrett kids after their stay here in 2016.

The first pictures of Sid when he arrived

Post-Fall 2018, Sid is now a Calgarian

Some Sid memories show up some days at "Dora's Page", the daily photoblog. Here are some good Sid pix from 2019 Sept 10.

Last news when Sid was in Vancouver: Ides of June 2018: Sid helps me suntan

I tried to suntan, raised my upper body to turn over, and Sid went straight into the shadow. Because, of course, it was hot in the sun, but also he doesn't want to be a whole 3 metres from me in the shade of a tree. Got to be right here and be my pal.

Then, today, the hottest day of the year (so far) Sid is simply comatose in his warm spot in the alley, under trees:

The same scene from four stories above, peeking over our roof:

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Sid News #4 - June 2016

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Death of the Tiger Mouse Toy

Sid in His Corner (scroll down)

August 2016

The image is a link to a huge version suitable for framing.