Sid News for June 21

Big news today! Sid can ride in Cars!

He started off his day with some yard time, a walk, and a trip through the side-yard with no leash on!

Then he took a ride in a car!

It was VERY exciting.

Sid News for June 20

No special news today. But Sid liked his good neck scratch in the sun of the longest day of the year (unless that's tomorrow).

Sid News for June 9

Connie's brother Jim is visiting and Sid made fast friends:

Sid News for June 3

There are some pictues from past days in the Sid directory that haven't been shown yet, so for catch up:

Sid likes apartment shopping. That is, going down streets, he likes to go off the street, up to every apartment door, and look in. Presumably expecting to be let in and given run of the place.

Sid isn't fond of going right down the sidewalk, he'd rather be sneakier...but he'll do it. This is when everybody points and stares and wants to come up and talk.

Sid is even less fond of being way out in open space - not smart for something his size to do that in Eagle country, much less being caught far from cover by a dog. But sometimes he'll do it, since he has a security escort:

What Sid does love is walking along walls. They're just cat-wide and on one side at least, he's too high to attack. Our co-op has a retaining wall out front and around the side htat's a favourite.

A photo snapped just today, however, concerns his love of car parks. Again tonight he crossed the street after barely sniffing at Stanley Park to walk around the Chilco Towers to their big empty concrete tub of a car park out back, where he happily sniffed cars. Then this couple pulls in and starts unpacking their hatchback.

Sid throws himself to the ground behind their car and they had to come over and pet him. The guy proved himself true "cat people" with a serious, prolonged neck scratch and massage.