Face to Face

Sid has been loudly demanding walks all week. The hot weather has him fuming about every stay inside. Yesterday, we had a long walk then settled down in the back yard while I got some sun. I looked up to find he'd taken up station just behind my head.

Sid and the Kids

Sid made new friends this August: the Barrets. Charlie (seen petting him) has just turned six and says that playing with Sid was the best part of her Vancouver Vacation

Charlie was the only one to go on a walk with Sid. These are very slow and hard for children to slow down to. But Charlie came along to the community garden and watched while Sid got a fill-up of his beloved catnip plant.

The kids are not in this shot, but they were sure impressed. Sid, with no leash or collar, just settled down under the tree in front of the building, at the corner of Chilco and Robson, and had a nap. This is his favourite tree and passers-by stop to take pictures of him, he looks like a scene from "The Lion King" sitting under it.

This was after the kids left, but the picture will delight them. Sid was down by Lost Lagoon on a very adventurous trip when he encountered a small black Heron. The Heron was absolutely blase' about me waving branches and things at it to make it fly away before Sid tried something. I had to be quite irritating before it pushed off into the water and Sid backed off.

Sid has started a new career as a furniture construction assistant

Sid in Stanley Park

Sid visits Prospect Point