Liberal Iraq Warmongers: From a Twitter Collection of Snaps

Michael Ignatieff may not have been a successful Canadian politician, but he was widely-respected as one of our best-known intellectuals, famous in the States. Haven't heard much from him after this.


I just checked this page on May 28, and realized I'd given no credit. I believe all the work was done by Nora Loreto.

Anne-Marie Slaughter was Dean of Princeton's Public Affairs school. Here she is in the WaPo, ensuring that jokes about her name would be her legacy.

The guy doing the Twitter thread of screen snaps noted that he'd really have to do a separate one just to cover all the books they wrote. Feldman was a Harvard Law Professor. Wound up advising the invaders.

The next two are just famously liberal news magazines.

And I dug up this, to note what they are missing:

I should add this, to note that, of course, there were real liberals who held the course. Here's a snap from David Corn, who notes how lonely that was, at the time.

This This article by a history professor, writing about how his young students see the war as history now, is excellent.