May 20, 2019

Finishing up the "Back Walk" south of Lost Lagoon.

We have to finish up the Rose Garden to the north of Lost Lagoon, but today I want to stop on that trip along the east shore, right near our house.

These proud parents of some 22 or more goslings show you how Canada geese reproduce: prolifically. There's really only room in the environment for two replacements for these parents, so it's important not to freak out over how many are killed by hunters or wind turbines: the way birds reproduce assumes that most of them won't make it.

Even closer to home, this is just up the hill, on Chilco, right opposite our house. Sid liked to visit this garden and hide beneath its shrubs.

But this month, they are so full to bursting with blossoms, the bushes look actually choked by them: there's little sunlight reaching the green leaves.

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