May 29, 2019 (and May 28 make-up)

Yoicks! Skipped a Day! Double Day today

We had guests over last night - maybe that's why I skipped a day. Also, yesterday I thought I was getting another job from PICA, and was responding in excitement to Edmonton about going to a conference in a few days.

Anyway, I owe you a double-set of pictures today, so here we go. This is our new garden out back. As you can see, it's been completely re-planted and indeed landscaped, a bunch of fill put in at the north end to level it up. There's even a blossoming tree!

Make-Up For May 28

Then there's this odd creature on Beach Drive by English Bay - very near The Sylvia. It's a blossoming plant, but it's been cut into a hedge, creating a squared-off hedge with flowers trying to escape. The darndest thing.

May 28: The Deep Forest in Stanley

It's not very deep into the forest, really, of course - Stanely is just a park. But when everything in your field of view is pure green and it's like you're in a giant green cathedral, it sure feels like deep forest.

The sunlight hitting this recently-fallen (recently: last few decades) tree just caught me as a sight to see.

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