June 3, 2019

Roses and Bridges

Hey, Dora, Connie may have mentioned I had either food poisoning or something like Norovirus last night and all day today. Could hardly get out of bed. Well, I'm doing a June 2nd posting anyway, though it is admittedly 11:40PM. (I started getting some appetite back about 8PM, and since I slept all day, I'm sitting up to see how much I can eat before going to bed, get my strength back.)

So, anyway, here's one picture for today: the first roses have appeared in the Rose Garden - though only on the climbing vines on the archway.

I tried to frame this so it would like like one of those colourful ruins the British like to put on their country estates. The bridge is still in heavy use, of course. And the graffiti doesn't help. Don't miss the geese in the foreground, water lilies in the background. Proud of this one.

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