June 6, 2019


"D-Day" just meant "time in days". "H-hour" was "The Hour" of attack, so "H-Hour plus 3" was "3 hours after the attack" and "D-Day minus two" was "Two days before the attack". An Internet calculator that keeps track of all the leap years and stuff calculates that today is 27,028 days after the attack so today is "D-Day plus 27,028".

We celebrate their sacrifice by enjoying the simple freedoms they left behind: the right to have your own garden and go enjoy a walk in the park, and none to make us afraid.

Starting with the darndest flowers of the season. There's some amazing blooms along the fronts of the condos along our block. These are the largest (wide as my hand) and most eye-catching.

And I promised you a picture of all of us, and here is is, and it's not great with our faces in shade. After Connie gets better, I hope I can get a better shot before Jim or I have to leave!

It is, of course, with even more geese. These families of goslings are just making the whole neighbourhood go 'awww' and come out every day to look, right now.

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