June 16, 2019

What A Difference a Month Makes

This is the most pictures in a day ever, but just three of these are now. That'ss because today is a review of the last month, if you're a gosling. We start a month ago, on May 15, 2019:

One month ago, the goslings were barely out of the nest, tiny and fuzzy, with parents hovering over them protectively.

Our next picture is just from four days later on May 19:

Still small, but this joint family near Lost Lagoon is already visibly larger.

Another 5 days later on May 24, this picture of Mom standing sentinel over the sleeping goslings beside the bike path is bigger again, nearly ready to take to the water and learn to swim. By June 2, below, they are getting the longer legs they'll need to paddle:

Then they hit the water a few days later, the little fleets swimming around on June 5:

My trip to Denver got me off track and I have no geese pictures for over a week. But by Jun 12, the goslings looked like geese, just a little smaller:

As you can see, it's now quite hard to pick out the parents from the children. They are still slightly larger, but if this is the progress of one month, basically, geese grow up in five weeks flat. Here they are today. Picking out the parents is still possible, but barely:

Then they will fly away, of course, and be missed. But their poop will not be, not so much. It takes a LOT of grass-eating to grow birds that fast.

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