June 18, 2019

Tiny Roses and Outdoor Cat

Out chat today had me going back over old Sidney photos. I miss him when I'm out walking and see some park area around the house where we used to go. But yesterday, I also looked at the Chilco Towers parking lot and reflected I spent a lot more time in that concrete tub than I really needed, so it wasn't all parks and parties.

Anyway, the photo I came across was this one from fall 2017: Sidney just insisting that he couldn't sit IN the house. He had to have that door open, even though he didn't want to go anywhere. So he sat just outside the door, monitoring the hallway for signs of Charlie - or those darn dogs of the Stringers.

...a pretty good reminder that he could be a handful. I did get more reading done then, think.

I also wanted you to see these roses. They're just tiny, as you can see from the contrast to my hand - not much over an inch across the blossom. There are just so many breeds of them. Lovely colour.

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