Aug 12, 2019 - Map and Marina

I never took a picture of the present that Jim gave me for going to Spain to help him. It's an antique map, estimated 1876, of the whole North American continent. I'm going to have to put "framing it" as a wish-list item for Xmas and Birthdays, otherwise I never get around to these things. It's in perfect shape and beautiful.

This cluttered photo was my hapless attempt to give a sense of what a visual overload the marina along the waterfront is, near Cardero's and the other popular restaurants. At left, one of the few boats that ever seems to actually go out to sea: one of the several large harbour tour boats that take dozens of people out. They see far more travel than anything in the marina.

Especially the dedicated houseboats, in bright yellow and red, at right: they would have to be towed anywhere; the owners just like living in a marina. (They are smart, probably: it's busy by day, and quiet by night, just as you want in a neighbourhood.)

In front, I notice no less than three little speedboats with enclosed cabins for ugly weather and spray, but TWO outboard motors at back, suggesting serious speed capability, like they were for smuggling or pursuit of same. More likely, they are just sea motorcycles, fast for the sheer fun of it.

And way at the back, look for the white spheres like giant ping-pong balls, enclosing various kinds of radar: the really ridiculous superyachts - the biggest at back, behind the red houseboat, I have never seen once out of its slip in the marina. They just sit there, proving their owners are rich, I think that's their whole job.

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