Aug 26, 2019 - Neighbourhood News

I've got lots of garden-related pictures to get back to, but we'll take a day off from floral flagrant fragrances to catch up on the local news. The water main crew had been here for two weeks when we arrived five weeks ago. They have made it to the end of our block, around the corner, and up to the alley that runs between Robson and Haro. At that point, they have encountered the little park, where it is clear why all those trees were cut down: they're going through it:

And starting today, they'll be ripping it all up. About a third of the trees will survive, we hope, if they don't kill the roots with the dig. I'm not sure who decided this route rather than going an extra block up Chilco and put the whole main on Haro, rather than the first block on Robson, creating an extra right-angle turn as it zig-zags through the neighbourhood, and messing up a park. But we're stuck with it.

It's certainly been a long haul. At this rate, they'll be the whole week going twenty metres through the park, another week going around the corner, and another getting far enough down Haro to be out of earshot, except for the BEEP BEEEP BEEEP of backup warnings, which can be heard for blocks. A good two and a half months to progress two blocks east and one short block south. I always thought Calgary crews were slow, until now.

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