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2019 Sept 15 - Rain, Rain, Rain.

Here's a six-year-old image from the village of Stanton, along the Cotswold Way. We remember Stanton as one of the most picture-perfect villages. We'd been hiking for hours, and rain was starting to fall, with the sky looking very, very, ugly indeed, when we realized that by perfect timing we were just arriving at a town where we could sit it out. We first came upon the churchyard, with graves dating back to the seventeenth century:

Looking at it now, it looks like a scene from a slasher movie or something, but the church was charming, and still in use - it was open, if unoccupied. Clearly not an area with homelessness. We were elated to find a refuge from the weather, and continued on to a pub to eat a hot lunch in cozy comfort while watching the rain come down:

Our delight at the perfect little village was dimmed by the proprietor, who sadly told us is was mostly empty, except on weekends - most of it had been bought up by wealthy Londoners as a getaway location.

And then there's Vancouver all yesterday. There were breaks in the rain, and I got out for a run. I had most of the Park to myself. This couple shows that romance can continue in the rain, with an umbrella; they watched the ducks, who were, of course, enjoying the great weather, as Lost Lagoon danced from the raindrops.

Oh, yeah. Jim arrived. I have no picture of him. He looks about the same as when he left, I'm sure and I don't think we need "proof of life" that we have him here. Maybe we'll get a picture today. The rain is just going to be drips for a few days, "mainly cloudy"...while a "new rainy system moves in", with 15-20mm on Tuesday, just in time for my long walk to the dentist...

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